Sunday, April 04, 2010

Sister in laws 'DRY' greens

I know this sounds like the beginning of a very bad meal but it really isn't. In fact this recipe might get me some 'brownie' points with the veggie people. (MMmmmmm brownies) Anyway this is a fabulous recipe I learned from my Sister in law Burrietta in Cali. There is no meat needed and it's really quick cooking for fresh greens. If I hadn't watched her make this and then eaten the delicious results I wouldn't believe it. The way I make this is with greens that are already cleaned and cut and come in large bags, so if you use greens right out of your garden or from the farmers market be sure to cut them into small pieces. As you may have guessed the term 'dry' is relative. Compared to the traditional way Black folk cook greens this is the 'dry' version. I start off with some broth (chicken, veggie, etc.) not more than a cup. Then you can add the oil of your choice. I like some butter and olive oil and some toasted sesame oil for that smokey flavor; but use margarine or straight evoo if you like it's all good. Chop up some onion, red bell pepper, tomatoes, jalapenos and add the seasonings of your choice. All of this goes in a pot appropriate for the amount of greens you're cooking. You probably noticed I haven't turned the stove on yet. You don't turn it on until you put the first batch of greens in the pot. I start off with the heat up high and constantly stir and mix the greens so they will wilt quickly and then add more greens and continue to wilt and add. After all the greens are in the pot turn heat down to medium and continue to mix so bottom doesn't burn. Allow some time between stirring while fire is on medium so the greens create their own liquid. Once they are good and hot, turn fire down to low and add a lid to the pot. They will be tender and ready to eat in about 15 mins. No this is not your Grand mama's greens but you may still want to slap somebody when you taste them. This same recipe works for fresh string beans as well and equally as delicious. I even added fresh red skin potatoes (cut up) when I made them.

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