Sunday, April 04, 2010

Big pan of curry chicken

I made this for a fundraiser my son was having for his Capoeira group and it turned out well. It's a large recipe but can be pared down to family size. The secret to this recipe is the seasoning sauce it cooks in and the combination of veggies. I didn't have any fresh thyme at the time, but highly recommend you get some. The sauce has a base of cane syrup, chicken broth, curry powder, Walkers jerk seasoning, Ms. Dash, chopped garlic, fresh thyme ( you're right there is no salt). Rinse chicken pieces and place in a baking pan. Add potatoes, onion, coarse chopped, and a large can of chopped tomatoes. Cover everything with the seasoning sauce, add more curry powder if needed, and place in the oven (350 degrees) for an appropriate time for the amount your making. I put a cover of aluminum foil over the pan for quicker cooking. After it was done I added a jar of olives (just the olives not the juice) and some crinkle cut carrots into the dish so there would be crunch and added (salty) flavor without adding extra salt. Serve over rice.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds Tasty,

Now I no what to get your for your B-day and 50 gallon drum of Mrs. Dash!