Saturday, February 07, 2009

Lip smackin' Tuna casserole

I think most people have their own recipes for tuna casserole, but this tasted so good I just had to share. I apologize in advance for not giving exact measurements, but nobody I know uses them and I never have. I'll give you a rough idea, but it tastes better when you go with the flow.

O.K. let's get started with some macaroni (about 2 lbs. ) cooked and strained.

A couple large cans of tuna strained well.

one medium onion chopped

8 oz. package or more if you like of sauteed mushrooms. ( NO THEY DON'T COME SAUTEED YOU HAVE TO DO THAT YOURSELF! I hear you out there.

one medium size bag of frozen spinach / some may prefer frozen peas, no problem

I like a lot of cheese. Let me say that up front. I like sharp cheddar cheese, grated, about three cups. Then just to go nut's add some Parmesan. I refuse to get involved in the cheese war about real Parmesan vs. the dry stuff.

I make a sauce for this with Ranch dressing, sweet vidalia onion dressing, miracle whip, and about a cup of milk and two eggs. Mix all this together and pour over all other ingredients after you have combined them.

Put this in the oven (about 375 ) until nice and bubbly. This is a great dish to make the day before you are going to eat it because it gets gooder the next day. ENJOY!!!

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