Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Black Bean Chili

This recipe is for serious cooks only, ready!

one pound dry black beans, sorted, washed in water and vinegar, soak over night covered in fresh water only, drain off all water the next day it will be blue/black.

one large onion chopped
one large bell pepper seeded and chopped
five or six large bay leaves
enough chopped garlic to choke a horse(I like garlic)
some olive oil, and some toasted sesame oil(smokey flavor)
add seasonings to your liking: brown sugar, red pepper, black pepper, seasoning salt, celery seed, chili powder.

put all of this in a very large pot with the beans and add fresh water to cover all. bring to a boil and then turn fire down low and cover pot. let this cook for two and a half hours or until beans are tender. after beans are done saute' your meat(turkey, beef, etc.) with a little oil and onion and more chili seasonings. add a can or two of corn, and some stewed tomatoes then add beans from pot along with some of the liquid. crush some of the beans to thicken the chili and adjust the seasonings to taste. Of course with these dishes they are even better the next day.

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