Wednesday, November 28, 2007

OUICK STIR FRY-late night

O.K. this is for those times when your not supposed to be eating late , but your so hungry you're hallucinating. Or this can also be for those times when you come in from work and need to fix something quick. The ingredients are a little weird, but I do weird so well I just couldn't resist going with my passion.

First ingredient is both breasts from a really tender grocery store rotisserie chicken, cut up into bite size pieces. I think Publix is the best, but they're not paying me to say this so get it where ever you want to.

Next you'll need a 10 oz. package of fresh matchstick carrots.

half of a medium red onion sliced thin.

one medium green pepper sliced into thin strips.

Olive oil (a Tablespoon) some Ms. Dash seasoning, a tablespoon of maple syrup, and a couple of good squirts of KENS STEAKHOUSE Balsamic and Basil vinaigrette.

Put olive oil in a medium hot pan then add all veggies for a few minutes of swishing around. Add chicken and let that get hot for a minute, then add the rest of the seasonings, adjust to taste. This is great meal and doesn't feel like you ate a whole water buffalo by yourself when you're through. You can of course put this over rice or couscous, but that takes longer and you might be chewing the pot holder by then. BONE APATEET

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