Friday, June 30, 2006

Hot Fish salad

O.K. give me a chance to explain. Have you ever had a really good steak salad? Vegetarians, please give me a moment I'll get right back to you. Well a really good steak salad includes, salad greens, fries and cheese and steak. Now back to the non-meat eaters this is a great salad like that, but made with fish.

one orange roughy fillet per person
salad greens and or iceberg lettuce
whatever form of fried potatoes you like
no cheese (unless you insist)
sliced red onion
chopped olives
red wine vinegar
balsalmic vinegar
olive oil (evoo)
margarine or butter

brown fish fillets on both sides in a little butter or margarine, adding the onion when you turn the fish over the first time. Add olives and vinegars just before fish is done so they will be warm and flavor the fish some but not burnt. Add olive oil to pan just before serving so it doesn't cook just warm, and make sure everything is mixed together. Serve fish on top of fries and salad greens using the sauce as the dressing for the salad. This can also be a little lighter by omitting the fries.

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